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Arty Girl: Go Shopping for Independents Week

The social pressure is on to gain independence. I can't tell you how many bitter divorced women have stressed the importance of financial and emotional autonomy to me.

Of course, when I was most successful at being independent, I was pretty damn lonely. It's a tricky game - gaining freedom without becoming a pathetic loner.

What we don't realize is, independence can't happen without a strong support system of loved ones. The same holds true for business and this week we get to cheer on our local, indie businesses and save a little cash (no, I'm not talking about Phx Bux but don't forget, that's happening July 4th).

I'm talking about "Independents Week" starting today, June 29th and running until Sunday, July 5th.

Through Local First Arizona, 40 independent businesses are participating in the celebratory week, honoring our American forefathers' renegade spirit.

First, go to the Local First Arizona website. Second, print yourself a golden coupon and third, save 20% at places like Made Art Boutique, Frances, Bomberos Cafe & Wine Bar, Phoenix Rock Gym, Heard Museum, Mama Java's Coffeehouse, Hoodlums Music and Moves, Urban Cookies, Bunky Boutique and Wet Paint Artist Supply (click here for the full list with links).

So now, with the golden coupon in hand, you have your shopping task for the week.

And my task for the day is to get this annoying song out of my head.


"Independents Week" starts today, June 29th and runs until Sunday, July 5th. Visit