Flashback to 1972: Happy Birthday Eminem and Wyclef Jean

America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon, N'Sync singer Chris Kirkpatrick and Beavis and Butt-Head creator, Mike Judge have something in common. Besides making us laugh, they all share a birthday with music celebrities Eminem and Wyclef Jean.

That's right, Slim Shady and the Lead Fugee enter the last year of their 30's today. Other music celebs who'll be hearing "Las Mañanitas" today include: Ziggy Marley, Alan Jackson, and Gary Puckett. (Heads up: "Las Mañanitas" is the song many Latin cultures play at birthdays. It's kind of our thing.)

Since Em and Wyclef were both born in 1972 we thought we'd go back in time and look at what songs were banging that year. It was such a good year in music, we're sure our selection is bound to cure anyone suffering from a case of the Monday's. Check it ...

"I'll Take You There" - The Staple Singers I'm not sure where there is, but if I get to hear this jam, I'm all in.

"American Pie" - Don Mclean Buddy Holly's death may have had more to do with this song, but when I think of the day the music died I throw my head back and scream, "Ritchie!"

"Everybody Plays The Fool" - The Main Ingredient There's actually scientific proof, that everybody plays the fool.

"Let's Stay Together" - Al Green It doesn't get any easier to smile than when you're listening to the musical croonings of The Reverend.

"Heart Of Gold" - Neil Young It's Neil "fucken" Young. Nuff said.

"Lean On Me" - Bill Withers You know you're going to clap your hands.

"Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)" - Looking Glass I have fond memories of listening to this on one of my dad's white Denon high quality cassette tapes.

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