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Diddy Brings Dirty Money To Ovations Live Showroom in Wild Horse Pass Casino in May

I'll forgive you if you hadn't noticed Last Train to Paris, the album that Sean "Puffy" Combs released in December, and the debut of his R & B collective Diddy Dirty Money, comprised of Combs, Dawn Richards (of Danity Kayne fame) and singer/songwriter Kaleena Harper.

You may have been distracted by Puffy's movie work as of late. He played substantial roles in last year's Get Him to the Greek and I'm Still Here, stealing the spotlight in both (though it's up for debate whether or not he was playing a role in the latter).

Not to mention that the record was slightly overshadowed by Kanye's December hit, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which did alright with the critics.

All of which is kind of a shame, because Last Train to Paris is as ridiculous and nearly as much fun as Kanye's album, a flashy, fashionable love story with solid vocals from Richards and Harper.

The album has sold far better than expected, and Diddy is bringing the group's live show to Ovations Live Showroom in Wild Horse Pass on May 10th.

The idea of the Bad Boy himself playing a casino sounds a little silly at first, but Ovations isn't your typical casino ballroom, boasting a great vibe and solid sound system.

Still, it's jarring to see Diddy's name listed next to "oldies" acts like Foreigner, Dokken, B-52s and Al Jarreau.

Is this a sign that Ovations is booking hotter acts or that Diddy is headed for the nostalgia circuit? You tell me after watching this epic video from Dirty Money.