Murs, The Insects, Fashawn, and Prof, Club Red, 2/5/13

Murs, The Insects, Fashawn, Prof @ Club Red|2/5/13
It looks like it's that time of the year again, as Murs gathers a select group of rappers to embark on a nationwise tour leading up to his annual "Paid Dues" festival in March. The endeavor this year, aptly titled "The Road to Paid Dues," normally showcases new and rising talent in the hip-hop world, and this year is no exception. He's joined by raw Fresno emcee, Fashawn and the energetic Prof from Minneapolis, both joining Murs for this 43-date adventure. After cracking off their tour in Flagstaff, then a stopover in Tucson, Club Red in Tempe provided the backdrop for the third stop of the tour with the help of promoters Universatile Music. Special guests The Insects acted as the hosting opening act as they also celebrated the digital release of their new album Black Roses, and DJ Foundation, a member of the The Insects, pulled double duty with Murs, and joins the touring party as it works its way to Paid Dues.

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