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Crackers and Tomatoes

Carolina Cracker, sans salsa
I've got good news for people who like southern flavored rap music: Carolina Cracker and his homeboy from Minnesota, Melk Money, are back in town and scheming imminent appearances at local venues. I wrote about Cracker here (halfway down) back in last May, read the piece and you'll see that he's multi-talented — he also does a comic insult show where audience members can hurl tomatoes at him while he heaves back disses.

Cracker and Melk Money have been M.I.A. for a while, because, well, they're "Rennies," the Renaissance Festival equivalent of carnies. Yesterday I braved the weather and the 45 minute drive with the 4HATE0 posse to say w'sup to my old homies and check out their shows.

Cracker's Renaissance Festival show is considerably tamer than the one I witnessed and wrote about last year at Dos Gringos on Cinco de Mayo. At the Ren Fest he's got an audience of kids from toddlers to smart-assed sixteen year olds. It doesn't temper his wit too much though; my favorite insult yesterday was at a middle-aged dude starting to lose his hair: "You couldn't get laid in a monkey stripper bar with a bag full of cocaine bananas."

Later, once he gets a break from being a walking produce section, Cracker admits that he got that joke from Melk Money, who was previously the king of the vegetable insult gig until he got offered the role of Ded Bob, an almost-ventriloquist (he wears a mesh rag over his face so its not really ventriloquism) with a skeletal doll that entertains a pretty huge theatre of people four times a day.

If you can stand the drive, the admission, and the plethora of freaks walking around the acres of medieval silliness gnawing on turkey legs, I'd recommend checking out both Cracker and Melk Money as Ded Bob. But really, these guys are rappers at heart, and if you scope their Myspace pages (linked above) you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for 'em.