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Singer/Songwriter Dylan Pratt Taps Into Homesickness With "All Is Great"

Marianne Dissard and Nive Nielsen will be performing a free set at Stinkweeds tomorrow before heading over to the Crescent where they'll be opening for Y La Bamba later in the evening.

The all-ages warm-up show at the Phoenix record store starts with local folk singer Dylan Pratt and wraps up with You Me and Apollo.

After living a year in Seattle, Pratt is back in the Valley and is in the midst of recording a new record. He has a couple of new tracks already out on Soundcloud, including the home-sickness inspired, "All Is Great."

"It was kind of a weird year in Seattle," Pratt says. "'All Is Great' was born from feeling kind of alone out there and feeling a longing to see my family again."

He started writing the song while he was out there, finished it here and returned to record it in Seattle with friends that still live out there. Although he loved the vibrant culture in Washington, Pratt's enjoying making the rounds and reconnecting in the city where he learned his first chords. While he was still in high school, Pratt and his father used to play the Village Coffee Roastery regularly.

Follow the jump for a sample of "All Is Great" as well as details for the Stinkweeds show.

Marianne Dissard, Nive Nielsen, You Me and Apollo, and Dylan Pratt play Stinkweeds on Tuesday, March 20. Pratt goes on at 6 p.m. and is an all-ages, free show.

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