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Supernatural Arizona -- Up on the Sun Soundtracks Our Own Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries-style Show

The last Twilight movie will be released soon and only one episode remains in the fourth season of True Blood. But don't think the vampire craze is on the decline -- MTV recently launched Death Valley, which looks like a campy cross between Reno 911! and Zombieland.

How much longer can this dead horse can be beaten? The time to launch a vampy supernatural soap is now, so allow me to introduce my very own supernatural show set in the Valley of the Sun.

The plot:

There have been reports strange things going down in the Phoenix metro area at night. Sheriff Joe thinks it's all nonsense, but assigns our heroine, Emma Stone -- a no nonsense rookie with something to prove -- to investigate.

Over the course of her adventures, Stone will witness the scariest AZ has to offer, encountering feral javelinas, vampires, chupacabras and one gubernatorial mummy.

And of course -- Alice Cooper will show up (as a golfing creature of the night).

No television series is complete without a soundtrack. Luckily, we've got that covered:

Roar- I Can't Handle Change A lot of weird, scary crap is going on. How will Miss Stone cope? 01 I Can't Handle Change by Awesomefossum

Snake! Snake! Snakes!- We Come Out At Night Mill Avenue is packed with hordes of supernatural creatures until dawn. 02 We Come Out At Night by Snake!Snake!Snakes!

The Whisperlights- The Storm The were-chupacabra appears! 6 The Storm by whisperlights

Dietrichs- Vampires From Space Things have been pretty quiet on The Dietrichs front, but they'll make a big comeback with my show. 10 The Vampires From Out Of The Space by Awesomefossum

Mergence- Me & My Family vs. the Robots Robots will make an appearance...eventually. 03 Me & My Family vs. the Robots by mergence

Dry River Yacht Club- Spiders Song Radioactive tarantulas also make an appearance at some point. 08 Spiders Song by Awesomefossum

Andrew Jackson Jihad- You Don't Want To Fuck With Me The song title says it all. 11 You Don't Want To Fuck With Me by Awesomefossum

Rumspringer- Gently With A Chainsaw Chainsaws are always a good weapon to keep handy. Just ask Bruce Campbell. 05 gently with a chainsaw by Awesomefossum

The Minibosses- Castlevania The epic final showdown needs some video game music. Castlevania (minibosses version cover) by Haffi Mar

Peachcake- Welcome to the Party to Save the World Our heroes emerge victorious and everyone is safe...for now. Welcome To The Party To Save The World! by Peachcake

Sure, this idea is ridiculous, but if Stephenie Meyer can pull it off, I can too.

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