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Five Reasons Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" Rivals Rebecca Black's "Friday" In Stupidity

Over a year and a half has gone by since Rebecca Black made her dreadful debut, which means it's time for another American tween to publicly embarrass herself to the rest of the country's delight. Just like Rebecca's video, this one got millions of hits and over 73,000 comments on YouTube for all the wrong reasons.

The lesson that 12-year-old Nicole Westbrook's song "It's Thanksgiving" has taught us is that nobody should ever write a pop song about Thanksgiving. "It's Thanksgiving" is not surprisingly a production of Ark Music Factory, which is owned by Patrice Wilson, the brains (or lack thereof) behind Rebecca Black's "Friday." Everybody knows that my extreme hatred of Rebecca Black's music warranted some pretty fabulous hate mail. Everybody also knows that the only part of Patrice's job that he's good at is making age-appropriate music videos for his clients.

Well whatdya know, very few lines rhyme in "It's Thanksgiving" too! I see a pattern. The difference is that Wilson takes making a fool of himself a step further in this one by prancing around in a turkey costume. One of the most unfortunate aspects of this Thanksgiving mess is that it resulted in a TV spot on Access Hollywood. Oy fucking vey.