Five Songs To Inspire A Diamondbacks Rally

Well the Diamondbacks extended their postseason dreams with an 8-1 drubbing of the Milwaukee Brewers last night at Chase Field. After dropping the first two games in this best of five playoff series, the D'backs find themselves in quite the predicament knowing that they can't lose another game if they want to keep playing ball this year.

If they're going to ride any kind of momentum into tonight's elimination game, they're going to need a soundtrack to do it to. Check out our list of the best songs to inspire a rally.

Queen - "We Will Rock You" It doesn't matter that this song is 34 years old, it still gets stadium feet stomping. Expect to hear this track tonight whether the Diamondbacks nail another grand slam to take the lead or cut a deficit.

Foo Fighters - "My Hero" This song was made for the highlight reel. The only question left is, who is going to be the next hero in this series.

AC/DC - "Thunderstruck" Another anthemic rocker, you can loop the minute-long intro of this tune and inspire some serious bat cracking thunder.

Eminem - "Lose Yourself" You can bet this song is playing in more than a few player's headphones. The underdog anthem, for the underdog team.

Rage Against The Machine - "Calm Like A Bomb" The D'backs slept through the first two games, losing by a combined score of 13-5. They'll need another offensive explosion if they want to take Game 4 tonight (never mind that Rage is protesting AZ -- we give them a pass when it comes to this cut).

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