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Michelle Branch Headlining "Chicks with Picks" Fest in Tempe

Though she sometimes strives for demure in promo shots, Michelle Branch ain't no Tori Amos -- at least I've never seen Tori look like this -- making her an interesting choice for an all-woman music festival. But it's Branch who's slated to headline the Chicks with Picks Music Festival in Tempe later this month.

Branch, a Sedona native, will be joined at Tempe Beach Park by country singer Sarah Buxton (warning: DO NOT do a Google image search for her at work!), Waylon Jennings' widow Jessi Colter, and Arizona Idol winner Bethany Wright along with about 70 local female singer/songwriters on March 21.

The event is being put together by Pandy Raye and Rhonda Hitchcock who came up with the idea 15 months ago to showcase local "chicks with picks" in venues around town. Tickets for the show are $25 for adults or free for children under 12 who come with an adult and are on sale at the event's site.