Arrested Development's Top Five Musical Moments

We can't even front. The big news regarding Arrested Development-- creator Mitch Hurwitz's announcement that the series will return for a fourth season and a feature film-- has us giddy with joy here at Up on the Sun.

Hurwitz plans on airing nine or ten episodes next fall, building up to a feature film. That's a mighty long wait, but while you pine away for more time spent with the Bluths, you can relive their glory days with these musical moments from Arrested Development.

The Final Countdown What would GOB do without a theme song as epic as "The Final Countdown?"


"There's no I in Teamocil, at least not where you'd think." Nothing brings a family together like Tobias, Lindsay, and Maeby singing about pharmaceuticals and Lindsay taking Teamocil to intentionally lower her sex drive.


No, not the hair metal band. Determined to once again win the "cutest couple" award, George Michael takes Buster's place at Motherboy (who is to moody after losing his band to a "loose seal" to attend). It's up to Michael and Buster to save George Michael from Motherboy XXX and a mother/son Sonny and Cher costume.

Charlie Brown

Good grief, those Bluth men are having a bad day. Even a dog resting on top of a dog house can't cheer George Michael up.

The Chicken Dance

Michael is too much of a chicken to ask Sally Sitwell out, and everyone in the family agrees, especially GOB, who doesn't realize that dancing like a chicken is an inflammatory gesture in Mexican culture.

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