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Poll: What's Your "Forbidden Song"?

I think everyone has a "forbidden song."

What's that? It's like, whenever I hear the tune "Freebird," whether in the car or at some party or whatever, I have to turn it off. It's like an obsessive-compulsive decision and I will be forever agitated until that song is no longer playing.

I'm not psychotic, it's just that "Freebird" was played at this funeral I went to and it really bothers me to hear that song played so nonchalantly. I can't be alone in this, especially since "Freebird" is a pretty popular funeral dirge.

(And let's not forgot about that disastrous scene in Cameron Crowe's Legolas/Kirsten Dunst vehicle Elizabethtown, when My Morning Jacket embraces its southern roots and covers the song in all its flaming, overblown glory.)

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For reasons I won't go into here, I also can't stand hearing this one Kid Rock country song (I don't know the title and refuse to look it up) besides the fact that Kid Rock is a turd. And for a long time, I would start to shake uncontrollably whenever I heard "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel.

Please tell me I'm not neurotic and that you have a Forbidden Song, too. Leave a comment here, or via Facebook or Twitter. The best ones will be chosen for an upcoming list of The Greatest Forbidden Songs ever. Be sure to include why your song is forbidden, so I don't have to make up some story.

Alright, go!

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