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Marshall and the Madhouse

My apologies for my brief absence from the interweb blogging thing recently; a trip to San Diego without the appropriate power source for a laptop left me unable to play with all the angry people that Marshall Beck, who I blogged about here a while back, recruited to cry and get pissy with me about my criticism of his whining about Madhouse Records' venue closing due to not meeting the fire code. (The AZPunk community chimed in about the issue as well, check it here.)

Mr. Beck fired back, "The way I see it you should feel lucky I don't go burn down the entire New Times building for your continued attempts of trying to make a mockery out of me and my attempts to strengthen the Az music community. Your staff writer Michelle stepped on the wrong mother fuckers foot. If she was as talented as you claim then maybe she would have been smart and wise enough to not attack a local musician who continually busts his ass for the Az metal scene and the bands within it, aside from his own. You guys are all fucking idiots, it's no wonder you work for the New Times and not a more credible paper." Listen, pussy, we really don't care about you and your "attempts to strengthen the AZ music community," you're just fun to fuck with, since you call yourself "the most controversial motherfucker in the AZ music scene."

Talking out your ass doesn't make you controversial Marshall, it just makes you publicly stupid. But enough about him; Antony H�mmonlinna, apparently the guy that runs Madhouse, sent this over, and I think it's worth regurgitating:

"The fire code was not really an issue do to the fact the venue is made of concrete. no fire could happen. But we understand. Better safe than sorry.

The bands that played our venue were young bands that can't play places like the Sets or the Clubhouse or the Marquee due to the fact they cant cover a 3000$ bar tab or sell 100 tickets at 15$ a we gave them a place to play. No drinking or smoking was ever allowed in the venue as well. 99% of the bands that played there respected that.

you're not familiar with madhouse? how about the countless phone calls and emails i got from you asking "Would you guys like to post adds in our paper? theyre only 500$?""

Sorry about the ad sellers, I guess they're a necessary part of what we do at New Times, but don't assume that we who write what you read have any contact with or knowledge of what they do. We don't.

I appreciate what you're trying to do, and wish you the best of luck getting the fire code issues resolved. With the absence of venues like Neckbeards, the kids do need a safe place for their bands to play, and once you're up and rocking again, I'll be there to check it out and see what's happening. Maybe with my buddy Marshall "fucking" Beck.