Former Medic Droid Singer Starts...Clothing Line?

I used to be a HUGE fan of Tempe's electronic pop act The Medic Droid, which sadly broke up last year after singer Chris Donathon walked off-stage in Tucson mere days after 'Phoenix New Times' ran a cover story on them.

Darn you!

So, when he MySpace messaged me this, it piqued my curiosity:

"hey my names chris.  i usta sing for a band called the medic droid. help me get my line off the ground. if your tired of seeing diamonds cupcakes brass knuckles ect and aren't afraid to step out side the lines of what your told to like. take a look see.  if you dig let me know."

The line's called 1985, and so far, the site only features two T-shirts ($15 each), made with American Apparel 100 percent cotton.

The graphics are kind of cool, but they also look like every band T-shirt out there these days. It's always neat to have local kids have successful start-up businesses, but all I really want is a Medic Droid reunion. What do you think of the threads?