The Hip-Hop/Comic Book Connection by Ed Piskor

American comic book artist Ed Piskor has a keen eye for pop culture.

His 2009 collaboration with Harvey "American Splendor" Pekar, The Beats: A Graphic History, turned its eye to the Beat poets, and his Brain Rot series for Boing Boing touched on vintage Nintendo Entertainment Systems, real-life Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones, and pro wrasslin'.

His latest draws the lines between the superhero comics and hip-hop's music of his youth, likening enormous gun-toting mutant Cable to Dr. Dre's pre-NWA group World Class Wreckin' Cru.

Piskor's strip is funny and warm, tossing in a few keen nods to two cultures that have shaped him (experienced eyes with catch the appearance of MF Doom, an emcee who owes his whole existence to vintage Marvel Comics).

Read the whole thing at Boing Boing's Brain Rot.

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