Henry Rollins Won't Tell You Who to Vote For (But He Really Thinks You Should Vote)

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Yesterday, 458 episodes of legendary maverick pirate/BBC radio broadcaster John Peel's radio program were mysteriously uploaded to SoundCloud. For fans of radio that plays by no rules, this is a windfall -- you can listen to Peel's joint interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, scroll back to Peel's spotlight on Faust in 1968, and hear sounds from DJ Shadow and plenty of inscrutable noise.

Peel passed away in 2004, but for fans of off-the-wall radio, there are still people carrying on his anything-goes style on the FM dial, namely Los Angeleno Henry Rollins, whose weekly show on KCRW is one of the best things happening (this week he slid effortlessly from agit-pop punkers The Cops into a drone-blast from Earth -- on an NPR affiliate, no less).