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Creed Reunites, Plans to Rock Glendale

In what has to be the biggest music news since the band formed in 1995, Creed has reunited. All four members are back at it, including lead singer/public drunkard Scott Stapp, since they parted ways in 2004. But wait, the good news doesn't stop there, Valley rock fans. That's right, Creed has planned a reunion tour that will make its way through Glendale, no doubt with arms wide open (zing!). That show will be Tuesday, September 29, and will most likely be at Arena, although there is no confirmation on the band's website (honestly, where else are they going to play in Glendale?)

A quick look at Creed's myspace page shows that the venue in Glendale is, in fact, "TBA" at this moment. If they do decide to play Arena, that will mean the stadium will be hosting both Nickelback and Creed in the same month, helping fans feel like its 2001 all over again. I don't know how Arena will be able to withstand such a barrage of rock so close together -- but then again, I'm no architect.

Scott Stapp will join original members Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall -- all members of current project Alter Bridge -- in the reunion tour. He has called the news of Creed's reunion "a renewing and a rebirth," thus proving he was always spot-on with cornball sentimentality when writing such songs as "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open." The newly reunited rockers do have plans for a new studio album once the summer tour is over. For those fans of Alter Bridge worried that this news will put an end to the bad, fear not: the band will not part ways and will return to the studio to finish recording their third album once Creed's reunion tour comes to a halt in October.

This news really is a win-win for those fans of early 2000's rock music.

Head on over to to read the band's official release on their reunion and for a complete list of dates. If you have somehow forgot how the song "Higher" sounds, then please, by all means, head on over to Creed's mypace right this instant.