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Flier of the week: One

By Martin Cizmar

It's a big concert weekend with The Hives and Eagles of Death Metal in town tomorrow. If you're looking for a more danceable show check out One's three year anniversary show at the Ruby Room. Canadian DJ Jay Tripwire, that makes up half of ‘The Clones’ with Chicago’s Mazi, is known for deep house.

You are invited to dress to "sweat" or to "impress." Not sure exactly what that means, but I would error on the side of being barely clothed.

So, pretty cool flier here, but, as I said last week (hit the "Flier of the Week" tag at the bottom of this post to read about it) I'm a little disappointing in the quality fo the fliers I've been seeing around. Post your best work to the New Times MySpace comment box and let me know about it. I'm planning to pick the coolest flier up there and come to your show.