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Rumspringer, Mayhem, Crooked Fingers and More in This Week's Issue

The death of the CD may be neigh, but as Serene Dominic tells us, the format's demise probably won't impact punk trios like Rumspringer much.

The band acts a lot like it doesn't care much, but the poetic melodic punk rock on records like Empty Towers betrays otherwise.

Of course, there are those that can't really hide the fact that they care, like Crooked Fingers. Chris Hassiotis brings us the tale of how songwriter Erich Bachman took off for Thailand, but found himself roped right back into the music scene.

Then there's Mayhem, a mythic black metal band from Norway, whose tale involves murder, church burnings, and a Scottsdale exorcism. Chase Kamp brings us the story, including an interview with local metalhead Spanky.

We've also got short previews on country/rap star Colt Ford, Switch, Timothy B. Schmidt, Clint Black, A Life of Science, and DJ Fresh.