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Girl Talk Show with Water Slides and a Foam Pit and Fancy Lights in Tucson This September

Girl Talk is [what's the right verb here: playing, performing, spinning?] in Tucson on September 9. Prodigal Phoenicians Silver Medallion open the show, called the N9ne Fest at Tucson Electric Park. Tickets are only $25 and on sale here.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? It gets better.

Here's what organizers are saying about the party: "The wettest and wildest party you have ever imagined. Four foam machines will drench you in our giant 1,500 person foam pit while others take the plunge on our two HUGE water slides. The most advanced lighting and sound setup. Two lighting towers will flank the stage pulsating with every beat of the music."

So, yeah, sounds like an intensely great time. Check out this slideshow from a similar event in NYC.

In a recent discussion of why indie bands often play Tucson instead of Phoenix a few Valley folks piped up to either suggest the perceived phenomenon was an illusion or deny being at all jealous of the shows Arizona's Second City gets.

Well, folks, what do you have to say about this one? Girl talk with foam machines and water slides and fancy lights? That's Awesome incarnate. Is anyone out there going to pretend to be too cool for such a school? If so, you have my pity because your serotonin receptors are misfiring and you should seek a consultation with a licensed medical provider in the near future.

So, yeah, back when that Tucson Problem post was drawing lots of comments local promoter (and occasional UOTS contributor) Psyko Steve Chilton jumped in with a comment offering hard names and numbers to show why he thinks Phoenix isn't getting screwed as badly as all us bloggerfolk say.

True, this has nothing to do with Fourth Avenue or Congress or whatever but this is still the second Girl Talk show in Tucson in the last two years, while the Valley has had nothing. And this one is a huge party with foam machines and water slides and fancy lights! Maybe in terms of raw numbers Phoenix's indie show schedule looks OK, but look at events like this and find me something in the Valley that stacks up.

Seriously, show me a concert this cool in happening in Phoenix in the next three months. Please?

This Girl Talk show is going to be a ridiculously great time.

I'm happy for you, Tucson, I really am.

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