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Stellacutta Explains "Shadenfreude"

As finals wrap up and holidays consume every waking minute, some people still have work to do.

That's exactly what Stellacutta is doing: working on their debut album.

Earlier this year, Michael Lopez broke down the Tempe rocker's two-song self-titled EP in You Asked For It, and showed a lot of optimism for what a potential full-album might sound like. The band has been working with fledgling record company Aggregate Records to book gigs and is currently putting the finishing touches on said album. In the meantime we caught up with singer/pianist Greg Diarra for an update and an explanation of the easily mispronounced "Shadenfreude." For the record it's not pronounced, "scootin' fruity."

On the album:

The album's pretty close to being done. Right now we're in the stages of putting the finishing touches but we've all got pretty busy schedules with schooling and gigs, especially this time of year, that it's been hard to find the time to really dial in on it. It's been in the making for almost two years now and it's really coming together. I don't like setting time frames because every time we set a time it never happens. I think we'll be good with five or six more sessions. We're really in the last stage of making a record where everything's really meticulous.

Upcoming Shows:

Probably not just because we realized we were spending a good amount of time on rehearsing and trying to book and then we realized that the making of the record has been kind of a big bump for us for a while. So I think we're actually going to hold out on playing and booking any more shows until we actually have the record finished. That's kind of the top priority right now.

About "Shadenfreude":

Shaden is a tune that I wrote the music for and Meredith wrote the lyrics. Lyrically the term shadenfreude means, taking pleasure in other peoples pain. So I think Meredith kind of took that as her main influence, and we kind of wrote the tune based on that idea. Musically, when I wrote the song I was in a phase of listening to theatrical and big orchestrated sounds which was kind of my drive. So when we recorded it, I tried to make it this big, grandiose, fucking epic tune. I just wanted to make something big, you know.

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