Ready, Set, Go! It's Time To... Move My Lips and Pretend I'm Singing

So I've been getting raked over the coals by Tokio Hotel fans over the last few days because I wrote a blog pointing out that, well, it's kinda weird for teenage girls to be attracted to a guy who looks a lot like them. I asked why, I got a few thoughtful (and a lot of crazy) replies. Sample:

tokio hotel is cool, and you smell like smelly cattle.
bill doesnt look like Boy George. you do!
Martin Cizmar is GAY! (if that is you)
your a Asshole.

Children... so precious.

ANYWAY, with the risk of having my house firebombed for daring to question the fashion or behavior of Bill Kaulitz I have to link this post from Perez Hilton, since the photo has their Phoenix setlist. Apparently the guys have been lip-synching all their performances on this current slate of radio shows. So, that's right, in the above photo from Phooson 2008, while Bill's lips might be moving, nothing is coming out. By way of giving credit where credit is due, I should point out that The Arizona Republic also pointed this out in their review of the show.

Oh, and by the way, if you're still trying to figure out who these guys are (short version: very average pop-rock band, one member has crazy hair) check out our Phooson slideshow for plenty of pictures of them in, uh, "action." They're also in this video of the show, which also features Katy Perry, The Pussycat Dolls and Fallout Boy but, sadly, not Rihanna.

Click the jump for the infamous Phoenix setlist from Perez Hilton or, I'm sure, to have your faith in the youth of this country deeply undermined by the comment section.