Dave Hause - Rhythm Room - 3/4/14

Dave Hause Rhythm Room Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Don't tell the Internet, but there is no Loved Ones."

Sorry, Dave, the secret's out. Dave Hause, frontman of melodic punk band The Loved Ones, performed his first solo show in Arizona Tuesday night and stuck to his own material, save for a Patty Griffin cover. The lack of Loved Ones songs was disappointing, but Hause made up for it with musicianship and wit.

Hause's second album, Devour, isn't what you'd expect from a punk-guy-goes-solo-side-project. Unlike his first release, Devour features a full band and picks up where Distractions, The Loved Ones' final EP, left off. This is no coincidence -- Devour originally was intended to be a Loved Ones record.

Dave Hause's live performance was a bit like that record. I was expecting to just see Dave play an acoustic guitar by himself, but his little brother Tim often accompanied him on guitar or keyboard.

"He's a little shit," Dave said, lovingly introducing his 21-year-old brother, sharing tour stories about how excited Tim was to see the Space Needle.

Dave's stage banter sounded like a chapter from The Road Most Traveled. His commentary was funny and intimate -- he often spoke directly to audience members, including Ethan from Oklahoma, who requested a Paint It Black song.

"Paint It Black was a band 600 years ago," Dave said, explaining the Philadelphia hardcore band, "It was creative endeavors that were played way too fast."

Dave Hause's set focused on Devour, though the crowd responded best to songs from Resolutions. "Pray for Tucson" received the best response for obvious reasons, as Dave compared Arizona weather to Philly weather.

Opening act Northcote, comprising Matt Goud, joined Dave for "Same Disease" and "Prague." This was the strongest portion of the set, even though Northcote was a little off in his timing during "Prague," but he laughed it off.

Dave and Matt sound like they'll be friends for life after an incident with a Doritos bag. The set skirted on TMI as Dave discussed how most guys pee in bottles on tour, but Matt prefers using Doritos bags.

Dave Hause may not have performed any Loved Ones songs Tuesday night, but he did perform a solid, intimate set and promised to return to Phoenix soon.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Dave Hause at Rhyhtm Room

Personal Bias: I adore The Loved Ones and haven't listened to Dave Hause's solo stuff much.

The Crowd: Small. Did everyone else go to Childish Gambino?

Overheard in the Crowd: "I love to play the song 'Louisiana' for my wife because she can't stand it," says DJ Johnny Volume.

Random Notebook Dump: Apparently I've been mispronouncing Hause this all time. According to Northcote, it's "hass," not "house."

One More Thing: This show put me in the mood for the upcoming Chuck Ragan and Frank Turner concerts.

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