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Drive a Car? You're Gonna Get The Lightningrod

A few months ago we brought you the story of Bryan Lightningrod, a 98- (38)-year-old vampire (dude) from Cairo (Chandler) who makes music (noise with titles like "I Want to Fuck Your Butt") and creepy-ass music videos with young girls' butts being (unknowingly?) taped at skate parks. 

I'm still sorry about ever bringing this guy into the spotlight. 

But now, I think it's decided. After a back-and-forth debate with music editor Jason Woodbury, this Facebook group provides definite evidence that Lightningrod is nothing but a master troll. He finds society's buttons and pushes them. He did plenty of that in our August interview

Now he's out to ban cars. The mission statement from his Facebook group, Society for the Elimination of Automobiles: "Would you be able to gather all of your friends and family in a room and look them in they [sic] eye and say, 'I am willing for you to die in order to get somewhere more quickly.' If not then join US in the fight to eliminate automobiles. It is time to stop sacrificing our loved on the alter of the automobile."

Yeah, that's right. It's not for environmental reasons. It's because cars kill people. Not wreckless drivers and mistakes... the cars themselves. 

I can't help but think this is satire for gun rights. 

Maybe Bryan is willing to get to ASU's Hayden Library in Crocs (as we've been informed he often does) but for the self-respecting shoe wearers of the world, I think we'll stick to cars. 

Oh, and in other news, Lightningrod, (real name Bryan Henning) is apparently studying business law at ASU. So much to say, so much libel to worry about... 

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