Concert Review

When In AZ: Part Two

Night two of "When In AZ" celebrations continued at Modified on Saturday. Seven local outfits, featured on the locals-covering-locals comp, split the bill. Download cards for the compilation flowed freely, as the charge for admission guaranteed each attendee his own free copy.

Highlights included performances from Harcuvar, whose engulfing harmonies were reminiscent of Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, and grog-rockers Former Friends of Young Americans, who covered Skinwalkers, a band that used to be Former Friends' rhythm section.

When In AZ organizers Nick Kizer and Laci Lester traded bouncer duties throughout the night. Kizer stirred up the crowd for the likes of comp contributors Courtney Marie Andrews, So And So, Michelle Blades, Jonathan Sakas and Step Cousins.