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New Michael Jackson Film to Include Rehearsal Footage

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has green lit a deal between Michael Jackson's estate, AEG Live and Columbia Pictures for the release of rehearsal concert footage from the late singer's comeback tour This Is It. The footage will be released as a movie, scheduled to hit theaters October 28 via Sony. Concert promoter AEG Live has more than 100 hours of rehearsal footage, as well as separate videos that were to be displayed during the actual concerts. The film adds to a long list of undertakings involving Jackson's estate since his death -- yet it is one that is seemingly positive with only some minor objections from Katherine Jackson.

Having been granted custody of her son's three children, Jackson's mother, Katherine, requested that the rehearsal footage be given to her son's estate, according to court proceedings on Monday. AEG refused that such a thing would occur, helping bring the footage to those who will benefit from it most -- Jackson's biggest fans. 

Columbia Pictures paid $60 million for the rights to the footage, with 90% of the profits going towards Jackson's estate. The late singer's estate will also have a say in what goes into the film itself, with the authority to nix any less than flattering footage of the late superstar -- a smart move considering the last thing we need is more video of Jackson's odd, bizarre behavior in his later years.

It's a massive undertaking when someone like Michael Jackson passes away -- especially when the circumstances of his death are anything but normal. Managing the estate of someone like Jackson, who accumulated so much wealth during his lifetime and whose estate is rather large, has to be an incredibly intricate and detailed process. It's refreshing, then, to see an idea like releasing concert rehearsal footage as a movie get the green light for the world to see. With all that's happened since Jackson's death on June 25, this piece of news comes as a delight to those fans and supporters who want to celebrate the late King of Pop for what he truly was -- one of the greatest performers the world has ever known.

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