Andrew Bird, Mesa Arts Center, 4/18/12

Andrew Bird Mesa Arts Center Wednesday, April 18

When I opened the doors of Mesa Arts Center last night to see indie rock whistle-master Andrew Bird, I was greeted by an ocean of flannel shirts and beards. Folks were politely waiting in line for an overpriced beer and excited to see the show. The girl at will call told me she heard a guy had come all the way from Los Angeles just to see Mr. Bird and would be driving back after the show.

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Andrew Bird has a fan base -- the dedicated, serious, and loyal kind. The average listener has maybe heard one of his songs in the John C. Reilly flick The Promotion, or maybe they have heard the beautifully orchestrated song of whistles on the soundtrack of the newest Muppets movie. But for people who don't have even that limited exposure to Bird, I have no way of explaining what he represents and what his music sounds like. It sounds like Andrew Bird.