Iration's Micah Pueschel Talks Roots, Fusion Reggae, and Their Writing Process

Hawaii-bred reggae rock group Iration take change in stride. Each of their albums explores a different side of their musical influences--ranging from drummer Joseph Pickens' love for Lamb of God to lead vocalist/guitarist Micah Pueschel's penchant for the Beatles--while keeping their roots in traditional reggae. Earlier this year in April, vocalist Kai Rediske announced he was leaving the band in the midst of recording Iration's third full-length album, Automatic, which came out July 2.

They surged forward regardless, going with the flow to push their boundaries even a little further by adding an undercurrent of edgier rock elements to some tracks. The band collaborated with Cage The Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish, who is also featured on several tracks and helped co-produce select songs on the album, along with longtime studio partner JP Hesser of Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, CA. Bassist Adam Taylor, keyboardist Cayson Peterson, and dub controller Joseph King round out the band alongside Taylor and Pueschel.

The band's bass-driven grooves, dance-inspired reggae rhythms, bluesy dub kicks and catchy lyrics always please crowds, whether they are opening for the Roots, like at this year's McDowell Mountain Music Festival, or for Sublime with Rome.