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Re:Generation Music Project: More Than Just Another Techno Movie

Amir Bar-Lev's Re:Generation Music Project is a truly sensational demonstration of the music that can be made when people have an open mind. As DJ Premier said in the film, "Music can't die as long as someone keeps on making it fresh, and that's what we did."

The Re:Generation Music Project features five techno artists and deejays putting a twist on their signature sounds by incorporating musicians another genre. Skrillex worked with rock, The Crystal Method got soulful with R&B, Pretty Lights threw some country in the mix, Mark Ronson got jazzy, and DJ Premier experimented with classical music. The collaborations with other artists made for some incredible finished products, and explored the notion that you don't have to have a guitar or piano to be a "musician."

Watching the song-making process was captivating. Each artist had to explain to the prominent artists from their assigned genre what was wanted of them and how the music was going to be reworked into techno. All of the collaborations were a humbling experience for all parties involved (except for Dr. Ralph Stanley, but more on that later). It was interesting to watch these techno artists and deejays expand their musical horizons and open up to incorporating new sounds into their productions. To see the interactions of the artists understanding where the others from another genre and generation came from was really something.

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