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José "El Pelón" Ávila Is Bringing Santocorridos to Phoenix

As our dear friend Sheriff Joe has reminded us on many occasions, you don't have to go far to find traces of Mexico around the Valley.

One of those places is the restaurant/music hall, La Casa Del Mariachi, in Phoenix. As the name implies, this spot is host to some wicked mariachi sounds; the traditional Mexican music genre that calls on an assortment of guitars, violins, trumpets and some of the finest duds you'll ever see.

The hall is also frequented by banda and norteño groups regularly on weekends and Tuesday nights. On Tuesday, April 24, former Phoenician and corridista crooner, José "El Pelón" Ávila will be on hand to celebrate the release of his fifth studio album, which if the flier is any indication, should be a raging good time.

Ávila is known for his unique take on corridos or ballads. While narcocorridos or drug ballads, focus on drug running, gun fights and outlaws, Ávila incorporates his faith in Santería into the polka-infused beats of what he calls, santocorridos. The cigar-toking big-man, is a firm believer in the West African/Caribbean religion.

Tracks like "La Clika Del Elegua" recounts a tale of a character who travels to Cuba where he receives his "santo" and subsequently improves his life.

Also on the bill are Miguel el Renegado, Cotorreo Mácizo and DJ Clavo. Shows generally kick off around 6 p.m., so if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs tomorrow night, throw on something nice and experience a piece of Mexico beyond food.

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