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Charity Show: Bring A Sleeping Bag or $8

By Martin Cizmar

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, but I’ve had a lot of people pitching charity concerts to me in the last couple weeks.

“Do you like beer? Do you like charity? Do you like bikes?” my friend Candace asked, not intentionally sounding like an Amway rep.

Anyway, there’s tons of great charities out there, but I think Sleep For The Streets is especially cool. The group gives sleeping bags to homeless people in the Phoenix metro area. They’re having a show at Modified on Dec. 1. Honestly, I’m not that familiar with these bands, but I cruised by A Life of Science’s MySpace page and dug what I heard. “Yacht Life,” available for free download here, is a pretty great song.

Oh, and about that charity…

“Although most focus goes to how the Arizona sun affects the homeless, we tend to overlook the seriousness of the winter’s brutality. We feel that it is necessary to look after those who cannot look after themselves…. We believe that the donation of these sleeping bags will save lives and better the condition of those living on the streets. Although much more is needed, we find that this is a good start to the breakdown in Arizona’s homeless population.”

So, if you’ve got a spare bag, use it to get in to the show or e-mail them at [email protected]