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Brand Spankin' New Miniature Tigers Video

By Steve Jansen

Full disclosure: A contributor to this blog is currently in a relationship with a member of Miniature Tigers.

Just received word this morning that the new Miniature Tigers music video was just added to MySpaceTV Videos today. The featured tune, "Cannibal Queen," is most definitely one of the catchiest on the Phoenix-based band's new album, Tell it to the Volcano. See (and listen) for yourself.

Miniature Tigers - Cannibal Queen

Some interesting factoids:

*Director JD Ryznar, the man behind the Best of Phoenix-award winning Yacht Rock Sundays series, shot the vid in one day.

*Rick Schaier, the band's drummer, played the role of the "garbarge girlfriend." (You can also see Schaier's art in the background as well as on the cover for Tell it to the Volcano.)

*The bald-headed dude is none other than Derek Mears, who is the new Jason Vorhees for all of those horror flicks. He did all of the acting in the music video for free.