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KUKQ Returns to Phoenix (Via the Internet)

Legendary Valley alternative radio station KUKQ is back -- on the Internet, that is.

Operators of the site boasting those famous call letters, synonymous with Phoenix jock Jonathan L (host of Jonathan L's Lopsided World of L, which is syndicated on terrestrial Valley station KWSS 106.7 these days), announced via Facebook that it will begin streaming today at, though as of the time of this writing, the site is "under construction."

Former X103.9 FM deejay Craven Moorehead took to Facebook to announce that, the streaming station he launched online following X103.9's format shift to the adult contemporary MY 130.9 in January, would be joining forces with the new incarnation of KUKQ.

"Months ago when I was let go from our station at 103.9 a few friends and I started planning a way to resurrect the legendary KUKQ and give Arizona listeners a real alternative radio station that did not need to pander to all the BS that goes along with being on the FM dial," Moorehead writes. "While that plan was on going my love for Skapunk and its listeners gave birth to Skapunk Radio Dot Com. And starting this Saturday the two will become one!"

Moorehead says Ska Punk programming developed over the last few months will join a "host of other new shows on KUKQ."

"Between these programs will be quality indie/alternative music in the spirit of the old KUKQ with more DJs and live streaming hours," Moorehead writes. "It will not be a constant grunge jukebox that spins the same five Pearl Jam songs over and over until you learn to hate the band."

It's unclear if the afternoon segment of KWSS' TMI program, with host Beef Vegan, will carry over to KUKQ. A syndicated version of the show began airing earlier this month. I call in to TMI each Wednesday, so I plan on asking.

There's plenty to speculate about, but for now we'll defer to to the statement on KUKQ's Facebook, and follow up with details shortly:

We are here to deliver great music. F The FM! We have no rules, no boss and we believe in "Local Arizona" music and Businesses!

On March 14, 2012 returns to fill the void of alternative radio in the Phoenix Market. But the re-birth of KUKQ is alternative way beyond the music. The station goes "on the air with a state of the art mobile app, and interactive website that will make listening to the station far easier than terrestrial radio option and their unreliable reception. If you have a smart phone you have KUKQ Radio anywhere you go!

The programming team behind KUKQ is passionate about curating a station that truly caters to the alternative music lover -- making the word alternative actually mean something -- a mindset is far removed from most commercial radio stations. By building a sense of discovery and combining it with strong support of our local community KUKQ will be both exciting for a music fan and enjoyable to the casual listener. Because the station is live and local it will offer listeners an experience filled with originality that Pandora, Spotify and " iHeartRadio" cannot provide.

KUKQ will rely heavily participation of artists and listeners. Programming will go way beyond music -- since musicians both local and worldwide will be able to use smart phone technology to send content, intro songs, talk to us live from the concert stage providing a live, instantaneous experience. They can intro their own music, supply video content for tours, new music, top picks and any other newsworthy music and entertainment related content of interest to our listeners.

KUKQ will rely on web, social media, apps, street marketing, listener input, interaction and texting campaigns to reach the alternative audience that has been left to less alternative radio choices outside of the Phoenix market. KUKQ will be the home of the Legendary "Ska Punk" show hosted by Craven Moorehead (formerly of 103.9FM) and many other specialty programs unique to the station in the Phoenix market.

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