Glass Popcorn Drops "Goin' Hamburger" Video (The Beef Eating Jam of the Summer)

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If my previous ink on local 15-year-old cloud rapper Will Neibergall, aka Glass Popcorn, left too much to the imagination, the day has finally come for his YouTube chrysalis to crack. He has spread his high-def wings and premiered the video for brand-new track "Goin' Hamburger," produced by big-time 1017 Brick Squad producer Lex Luger. It is the debut single from his upcoming mixtape, which Neibergall will soon announce via Twitter.

Opening the video is Papa Popcorn (Will's father, Dave) giving the go-ahead to get raw. What follows is an array of milk carton sipping, irrigated lawn stunting, and beautiful .GIF twitches. Neibergall name-drops the Hamburgler, of course, but among those also getting shout-outs are Muhammad Ali and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey.

Luger has previously worked with Snoop Dogg, Waka Flakka Flame, and Rick Ross. He produced the track "H.A.M." for Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne, which Glass said inspired his jam in tandem with the sheer joy of eating burgers in the summertime. But what kind of burger inspires this kind of char-grilled worship? A classic double-patty with cheese? Western-style onion ring stacks? Abstract expressionist Carl's Jr. condiment drippings?

Turns out Glass Pop's fave burgers are from In-N-Out. "I keep it simple usually," he says, "raw or grilled onions and occasionally secret sauce."

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