Top Ten Things That Make Frank Sinatra Cool

When it comes to crooners, they don't get any cooler than Frank Sinatra. Over the course of his 60-year career, "Old Blue Eyes" won a dozen Grammy Awards, three Academy Awards, and recorded 297 singles, including hits like "Theme from New York, New York," "My Way," and "Strangers in the Night."

So it's only fitting that there's a Tribute to Sinatra at Sky Restaurant in Peoria on Saturday, July 9. Valley resident and Sinatra lookalike Guy Pennacchio, who appeared on Dick Clark's Your Big Break on UPN in 2000, will do his best renditions of Sinatra Songs.

But it wasn't just Frank Sinatra's ability to sing, win awards, and inspire tributes that made him cool. Here are ten more things that made him a super suave star.

10. The FBI was obsessed with him. The FBI watched Sinatra for almost 50 years, beginning in the 1940s, and amassed some 2,403 pages of records on him. In response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI dossier on Sinatra was released in 1998. The declassified files revealed, among other things, threats of death and extortion against Sinatra, investigations of Sinatra's alleged mafia ties and Communist associations, and his offer to be an informer for the organization (they declined).