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Deadmau5 Guest Stars on Epic Mealtime

"What's Havarti again?" Deadmau5, Canadian-based DJ and producer known throughout the world for his tasty, electronic beats, asks the question standing in a super market with an oversized, metallic mouse head where his human one should be.

"It's Havarti if you want to party." The reply comes from Harley, the host and resident bad ass of an online, extreme cooking show called Epic Meal Time.

I already gave the run down on Epic Meal Time over on Chow Bella. Suffice to say these guys cook the kind of food that keeps your cardiologist up at night. Meat salads, 50-pound burgers, a slaughter house (like a ginger bread house but made of dead animal flesh); nothing seems too over the top for Epic Meal Time.

For this week's episode, Harley and the boys got down in Deadmau5's kitchen to create a leaning tower of grilled cheese, more cheese, and bacon sandwiches. The epic part of this meal came in the form of a jeigermeister and cheese puff batter slopped on top of the sandwiches before they headed for a deep fried swim in oil. That, and the "custom cheese sauce" that included a block of Velveeta, various other cheeses, and the dreams of Four Loko-swilling party boys eager to get their grub on to the extreme.

Normal episodes of Epic Meal Time feature driving music that would be perfectly at home on the 300 soundtrack. This week the Spartans took a back seat to Deadmau5 tracks including "Cthulu Sleeps" and "Strobe." If you don't bob your head along to this episode, we'll be impressed.

See the video for yourself below.