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Arizona Apparently A Hotbed for Aspiring Yodelers

Yahoo! is looking for a new voice to it's iconic YahooooOOOoooOOO and Arizonans seem to be cleaning up. Right now the competition is being won by a girl named Tiffany Jo Allen from "Tuscan" Arizona (which is very near "Tucson") and a localish guy named Carlo Sanchez from San Tan Valley (near Queen Creek) is also one of three finalists. Yes, that's right, out of three American finalists, two are from AZ.

Carlo is also getting some attention for his entry on Yahoo!'s new yodeling contest, though not all of it is good. Sanchez says he's a humble man: "Hi my name is Carlo. I couldn't resist making this just simple yahoo yodel, but once I felt the music this is what came out. I'm just a simple man, husband to a beautiful wife, father of three beautiful children and my family and God is the reason why I sing. So share this with your friends and family and help me get that platinum!"

He's got some lovers:

I love this man's voice! I hear his voice in my daily thoughts & in my dreams..he mezmorizes me to where I have to listen to him more and more! The woman yodeling in the lead of him cannot top this sultry voice! People get it right & vote for the one that makes you feel uplifted..I pray Carlo becomes the winner on Nov 15th as this man deserves the recognition owed to him! Your voice is a blessing from our Creator!

And some haters:

Sounds great, except...much like the other guy, this is a yodel contest, and your entry was nothing like yodeling. I am going to vote for the one that is actually yodeled, but stick with non-yodeling music. You've got some talent.

Me, I like the Tucsan girl (who appears to be something of a professional contest entrant) because, as the readers point out, she at least sorta yodels.