Mickey's Hangover is D.O.A.

Look's like it's all over at Mickey's Hangover. The Trib's Jess Harter is reporting that the Scottsdale late-night hotspot has closed its doors for good. Currently there aren't many details as to why the restaurant/bar has entered oblivion, as owner Randy Smith isn't returning any calls at the moment.

It seems as though a lot of Old Town spots have been dying off in the last few months (including Smith's former enterprise SIX Lounge), but the closure of Mickey's is arguably the biggest blow to the Scottsdale nightlife scene. It's been the major post-2 a.m. hangout for Valley urbanites for as long as we can remember, the place where insomniacs and the inebriated would both gather to nosh on such grease-soaked delights as Red Neck Sliders, cheese fries, or nachos until 3 a.m. (or even later than than).

Guess we'll have to head to Joe's NY Pizza or the Philadelphia Sandwich Company to get out late night grub on.