Pusha T's 20 Fattest Coke Lines

Pusha T is arguably the best cocaine rapper ever.

His latest mixtape, Fear of God only reinforces that notion for me. While older brother Malice took Clipse's time off to author a religious and remorseful autobiography with Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked, Pusha got back to his coke-rap roots. That's a good thing for fans. While some critics might argue that Fear of God is a step back from Pusha's expanded, more conscience narrative on the Clipse's Til The Casket Drops, it should be accepted as more of a return to what he does better than anyone else -- intelligent coke rap.

Below, you can stream the new mixtape and brush up on Pusha T's 20 best coke lines of all time. YUHCK!!


20. Footsteps

"I been the inspiration for all you industry dick tasters/To you local dream chasers I am king Push/I set the stage for all these triple beam hooks/I weigh mountains while all them n-ggas just sang hooks."

19. Grindin
"I move 'caine like a cripple/Balance n-ggas through the hood/Kids call me Mr. Sniffles/Other hand on my nickel"

18. Champion
"Duel pipe exhaust/All we know is floss/I'm cocaine Casseling, throwing bombs to Moss"

17. Keys Open Doors
"Its crack pot inspired, my real n-ggas quote/Bitch never cook my coke!/Why? Never trust a ho with your child/At you make believe rappers I smile"

16. Open Your Eyes
"Cooked white turn to tan, so the world's Snooki/School of Hard Knocks, look at where the game took me"

15. I'm Not You
"I keep that Ziploc bustin' at the stitches/Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious, to break the fiends fixes/One give you the sniffles, the other, leave you with the itches"

14. Grindin
"Legend in two games like I'm Pee Wee Kirkland/Platinum on the block with consistent hits/While Pharrell keep talking this music shit"

13. We Got It For Cheap
"So many deceive ya/I'm on top with the "ki's," move over Alicia/I force feed ya the metric scale/Rap's like child's play, my show and tell"

12. Feds Takin Pictures
"Some hit the gold, a few hit the hole/The rest riding around like they half eskimo/Blow lines the walls of the trunks and fenders/School of hard knocks, my I.Q. is MENSA"

11. Intro (Road Til The Casket Drops)
"It's the hood's Obama shoveling McCain--/Out the project windows, the drama's insane/The rap game's upside down like David Blaine/You fans is Times Square for following them lames/I gave you truth, revealed my proof/Loosened the knots from your minds, I was your masseuse/The message got twisted/I'm just young black and gifted/The theme was coke but the lines was uplifting/On my roads to the riches with the bitches and the cars/It ain't hard to tell, we can't all be Nas"

10. I Still Wana
"Talk money, I'm made of that/Cocaine parties, like the 70′s I cater that/You know what fame is?/Sittin with the women of your dreams and forgetting what her name is/You know what pain is?/Flushing two bricks and have a n-gga try to strain it out the drainage"

9. Grindin
"I'm the neighborhood pusher/Call me subwoofer/'Cause I pump "base" like that, Jack/On or off the track"

8. Footsteps
"Follow my footsteps through tragedy and triumph/Through flows I give you mein kampf/Kilos consigned em, do as I say like simon/And you too will diamond blind hun"

7. Swing Ya Rag
"I hits hard like crack rock in '86/Them n-ggas soft like baby shit/N-ggas never gave me shit/So I ship em off to Hades quick/Mac bullets the size of baby dicks/I keeps two guns up, ten toes down/It's like the world's taking aim when you're holding the crown/With the powder, I stays on top of the mound/And keep pitching when they say no more is in town"

6. S.L.U.
"Pusha Ton is in the building/Powder to the mother fucking ceiling/I'm so consistent every verse/I prototyped this coke flow, ya'll just my children"

5. Addiction
"Alysia Sylverstone, we just moves it/The rumor been out bitch, you just clueless"

4. Speakers Going Hammer
"It was all good just a ki ago/Price for the 20 all I need to know/Still moving snow like it's 3 below/You trace hard while I cape cod/You n-ggas Lil-B's to the "Based" God/I've been cooking, is you mistooken?/Chi-town plug got the city juking"

3. Keys Open Doors
"Open the Frigidaire, 25 to life in here/So much white you might think ya Holy Christ is near/Throw on your Louis V millionaires to kill the glare/Ice trays? Nada! All you see is pigeons paired"

2. Numb It Down
"Push-ton, the last son of Mildred/Stumbled upon the rock like a pilgrim/Made money, money made power/Unstepped on as it came off the Mayflower/I come from graffitied halls/Now the X marks the spot on my graffiti walls/Statuettes X'd eyes on those graffitied dolls/My ghetto bitches ask why, I say it's just because"

1. Raid
"Before 'Ye signed me, I was getting out my dream/Standing on the shoulders of 20,000 fiends/Every time a n-gga wanna try and turn a profit/Folks rush in, 3 letters try and stop it/F-B-I-R-S-D-E-A (FBI, IRS, DEA)/One letter short but still mother fuck the D.A."