Now Closed: In the Zone Sports Bar

In the Zone is out of luck. And out of business.

The North Phoenix sports bar, located adjacent to Metrocenter Mall, was shut down at the end of January by its property owner, PDG America Shopping Centers, evidently due to non-payment of rent. (Landlords are kinda funny that way, expecting a monthly check and all.)

Form letters taped to In the Zone's front door stated that PDG seized control of the property and all the possessions inside. If that weren't enough indication that the place has gone belly-up, its phone number has also been disconnected.

Guess no one paid the phone bill, either.

Until its shuttering, In the Zone hosted a few hip-hop dance nights, like the weekly Saturday night dance party featuring DJ Phlava from 101.5 Jamz. Viewing parties for UFC and boxing PPVs were also the norm at the bar, even dating back to its prior existence as a Native New Yorker location.

Now its just another closed business amidst a sea of vacated buildings that are choking the area around Metrocenter.