Club Candids

Club Candids: The Golden Rule Tattoo Grand Opening

The Golden Rule Tattoo certainly does "do unto others..." and one look at the employees' heavily tatted sleeves tells you they're ready to return the favor. The new tattoo spot opened July 3rd and Club Candids decided to check out their Grand Opening shindig during the monsoon-y First Friday.

Golden Rule sits along Roosevelt Row, in the same building at Carly's Bistro. We chatted with the heavily inked owners and employees as friends and tattoo enthusiasts stopped by to check the place out (take a look for yourself in the slideshow).

We really have to hand it to Golden Rule, they took 400 square feet and organized a cozy (yet sterile, very sterile!) place of business. And this new addition on Roosevelt, along with Revolver Records, makes us feel like the strip is that much more urban.

Golden Rule Tattoo, 120 E. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, 480-440-3828,