A Brief Guide to The Format for Confirmed fun. Fans

Statistically speaking, you or some iTunes user you know has, ton-i-i-i-i-ight, confirmed that he and someone else are both young and then set the world on fire at least once in the last year. Last year fun., America's least search-engine-optimizable band, had the biggest rock hit in three or four years, and suddenly gained an enormous group of fans buying its album one song at a time over the internet.

Some of those new fans--even the ones in town--have never heard The Format, Nate Ruess and Sam Means' consistently delightful and nearly famous mid-aughts band.

For those new fun. fans, then, and for my own selfish desire to see one of my favorite bands get a second life as the Uncle Tupelo to fun.'s Wilco, last year I produced this brief guide to the Format, for people who don't realize how much they love the Format yet.