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Silver Medallion's Record No One Ever Really Dies Now Up for Free Download

Phoenix New Times has a lot to tell you about the making of Silver Medallion's record No One Ever Really Dies in a feature story that'll be online tomorrow. In the meantime, however, we broke the news about the allegedly drunk teenage driver who killed Carnegie, half of the glammy hip-hop duo, last fall, finally being indicted last week.

And now we're happy to share this news: Silver Medallion's long-awaited full-length record, No One Ever Really Dies, was offered up for download this afternoon. This statement was posted with the link to the record.

"This album is meant for people to be introduced or reintroduced to Silver Medallion. It's a collection of tracks that were created after our first album Last of the Popstars that never saw release in album form and remixes of some of the LOPS tracks that I thought could be better. For our more intimate fans who grab our mixtapes, follow our twitter and raid our soundcloud there's only one or two new gems here (but check the bonus tracks zip just in case), but I would ask that you share this with people who have not heard us, or just checked one track, and let them see the vision that Abay and I had."

You can download the album here for free -- Oren J asks that you make a contribution to M.A.D.D. instead.

Beware, things are slow at the moment as the local twittersphere is on fire.