Delorean at Rhythm Room on November 8, 2010

Rhythm Room

Hey -- do you like dancing? Who the hell doesn't? Do you also like to party like it's Monday? Well then Delorean's show at the Rhythm Room was where the action was last night. 

Spanish indie/electronic foursome Delorean kept the beat strong last night with their European-influenced stage show. They command the stage like any band would -- yet theirs is a layout decidedly different from usual American indie rock bands. Yes, there's a drummer and lead singer with his guitar, but they are flanked by two guys on effects mixers. It's an intriguing sight to behold, and very, very European.

The band kept the hip, younger crowd moving throughout their entire set, and that's hardly saying anything. The type of music Delorean plays is meant to do as much, so if everybody actually stopped dancing, it would have been a travesty. Some people came out last night with the sole purpose to cut a motherfucking rug, and the band did their best to accomodate them. So the people danced, and the guys in Delorean bobbed their heads and gave an occasional fist pump.

And that went on, over and over as the band ripped into each new song.

Songs like "Stay Close" and "Real Love" sounded pretty tight live, yet I can't escape the fact that most every other song sounded the same. This wouldn't be a problem if the band had some sort of spectacle going on stage, but they didn't. It was just a group of scraggly-looking Spanish dudes nodding along, twiddling with their effects mixers.

You know who didn't give a shit about Delorean's onstage dynamic? Everyone in the crowd smiling and dancing the night away. I guess it's hard to take notice of what's happening up on stage when you're too busy jumping around to the beat. Guess who wasn't dancing and, thus, could take notice of what's happening on stage. That's right -- me. I guess I just didn't get it.

But hey, the crowd kept dancing and Delorean kept plugging away, and that's ultimately what you pay money to see, right? 

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: I went to the show for openers Lemonade. I absolutely love the band and their set didn't disappoint. Yes, I know who the hell Delorean are and have heard their music, but that still didn't help at last night's show.

The Crowd: A youthful mix of partiers and the usual hipsters. There were a few older couples in the crowd who came to get their dance on.

Overheard in the Crowd: "That's the second time that lady's fallen tonight," in response to a rather diminutive woman hitting the deck yet again.

Random Notebook Dump: Same shit over and over again. Aren't the Gipsy Kings Spanish? (Nope, they are French).

One More Thing: One of the band members kept playing what I like to call the DJ Ol' Youngin' effect -- skip to 1:30 in this video to see what I'm talking about. Underwater!