Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Circus Mexicus

By Martin Cizmar

It’s nearing 3 p.m. Monday and I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend in Rocky Point, where web editor Jonathan McNamara a few friends and I traveled to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemaker’s Circus Mexicus extravaganza.

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I’ll be writing a lot more about the weekend later, but we wanted to give you some photos from a weekend of sunshine, surf and music.

Rocky Point is Rocky Point, of course, and this show really highlighted what a weekend down on the Sea of Cortez is all about. Roger Clyne, the Tempe icon of Refreshments fame, has been doing this event for seven years, drawing a cultish crowd from all around the country to the coastal city that’s inspired so much of his music.

The scenery makes the event, but the show was great – per tradition, Roger played a marathon show in a dusty lot beside Sunset Cantina. Roger did pretty much every song in his catalog in Mexico, this time playing an epic 50-song set over four hours. With fireworks exploding overhead and coolers full of Dos Equis and Tecate everywhere, it was quite the scene.