Slayer, Megadeth, Hell City Tattoo Festival, The Maine and Artists for Action Over the Weekend

Slayer, Megadeth and Testament at Dodge Theatre Last Night We actually won! By "we," I mean thrash metal, of course - the bands, the fans and the music. After nearly three decades of playing the role of scrappy underdog, thrash metal finally seems to have turned the corner and become a more viable form of music than hair metal. The war is over! The posers have been vanquished! Let us all rejoice and bask in the glory of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman's dueling chromatic guitar solos!...full story

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Hell City Tattoo Fest: Highlights of the Best and Worst Tattoos The Hell City Tattoo Fest took over the Arizona Biltmore this past weekend, and everything from elaborate, artistic back pieces to crappy nipple tattoos were on display.We found some amazing competition (even in the "worst tattoo" contest on Saturday), along with some great pieces that weren't entered...full story

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Artists for Action Voter Registration Concert and Rally at Marquee Theatre Last Night About 1,500 people showed up at the Marquee Theatre to support the Artists for Action voter registration concert and rally.The free event was run by the Artist For Action group that uses music as a tool to support democracy and gets people at concerts to sign up to vote, came off as more of an awareness-raiser than a rally for change, but it was a nice event...full story

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The Maine at the Nile Theater Last Night It didn't matter that a skinny, shirtless O'Callaghan was barely audible underneath the whopping three guitars, bass and drums. He held out the mike so often, the crowd got to do much of the singing during the set...full story