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Wanna Rock?

Last night was an aural adventure (unfortunately not an oral adventure), wherein I hit up both a country show by my cowboy buddy Andy Hersey (who's opening for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at the Marquee this Saturday), and later caught a pretty amazing rock show by Vayden. Vayden's kind of like the 'Nix's version of Whitestarr, with frontman Curtis Casey giving Cisco Adler a run for his money (minus Mischa Barton of course). Actually, Vayden rocks quite a bit harder. The guys hit me off with their latest CD, Children of Our Mistakes (glad I don't have any of those), recorded and produced by NOFX/Lagwagon/etc producer Ryan Greene of CRUSH Recording. It's pretty fucking impressive, check it out.

"Karma is a Professional Wrestler":

"Anthem of the Used":