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Star Wars: In Concert at Arena in 140 Characters or Less

The, Internet was abuzz with Star Destroyer-sized superlatives last night after Star Wars: In Concert swept through town. While I had a rather "lukewarm" reaction (pun very much intended) to the multimedia extravaganza, my opinion was very much in the minority. Dozens of hyperspaced out geeks were feeling the Force as they blasted positive missives over Twitter about the concert, which you can read below.

darthryan: star wars in concert was amazing. i almost shed a tear...

dphillips: Just back from Star Wars In Concert Amazing! Not to be missed by fans of John Williams and the movies themselves.

QuestRules: Star wars in concert i laughed i cried an honest to yoda religious experience

CryptidNeko: Inner (and outer) geeks rejoice! Star Wars in concert!! Don't mind if I do. =)

jedijoephx: Just got done seeing Star Wars in concert...awesome don't walk when its in your city...

c_ellis: They just followed Star Wars in Concert with some David Bowie. All my dreams are coming true.

aphonic: Star wars in concert is a steaming pile of awesome an it's sad the arena is half empty. It's that good. Intermission!

HD_Fury: Star Wars in concert is the shit!!!

sheriffbullock: Star Wars In Concert was pretty neat. I would love a Lord of the Rings one. It's more my bag...gins. (Sorry.)

godofbow: Star wars in concert = epic. No more motivation to finish synthesis paper... Life = complete

andystone87: I'm at Star Wars: In Concert...I've literally walked into a galaxy far....faaaaar away

silvertwi: Yeah! Boy surprised me with Star Wars in concert tonight. The stage set up looks awesome.

mgaxiola: I am excited-about to get my inner nerd on at the Star Wars in Concert here in Phoenix; and no, I did not dress up as Princess Leia.

SeanStorrs: Still reveling in tonight's performance of "Star Wars in Concert." So much so that a second Guinness might be required this evening.

PeteyPablo623: - had a nice night with my boy at the Star Wars in Concert tonight. Now it's off to bed.