The Devil Wears Prada's Andy Trick: "If You Don't Agree With Us, That's Cool"

The Devil Wears Prada excels at dark, blanketing instrumentals that sweep from brutal crowd-moshing breakdowns and atmospheric bridges to intricate riffing and uplifting melodics that reflect their collective faith. When you throw in commanding roars and unflinching, post-hardcore vocals, it paints a picture of how the band bridges the gap between Vans Warped Tour and Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem festivals.

This year the band released 8:18, their fifth hostile album that is soaked in emotion and underlying themes of the war against humanity's dark urges and exploitive mediocrity, all paired with almost a sorrowful instrumental approach. It lashes out against, among other things, such as the lack of emotion in the current heavy metal scene and the uprising of the auto tune crutch used by so many musicians. 8:18 shows that The Devil Wears Prada--who rose to fame with the help of MySpace--have paid their dues and matured into their craft.

Vocalist Mike Hranica, guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster, guitarist Chris Rubey, bassist Andy Trick and drummer Daniel Williams are hands-on in every aspect of the band and influenced by a broad spectrum of music, societal issues and Christianity.