Music News

Show Picks for Tonight

There's a shitload going down tonight at joints around the Valley, including the AZPunk compilation release party at the Sets. If you're not making it down to that, here's a couple of other options to sate your thirst for the live music thing.

Heather Rae and Shannon of the Moonshine Boys
Heather Rae and the Moonshine Boys, the formerly local honky-tonk heroes who ditched the 'Nix and went all Austin on us, are stopping through town on a little tour. They'll be at the Yucca tonight with Plowed Under and the Rockridge Johnsons. Stop in and buy Shannon and Heather Rae a couple shots of shine, they'll appreciate it. Meanwhile here's a song for you.

"Pussy's in the Doghouse":

The Dames
Also this evening, at Joe's Grotto on 32nd St. and Thunderbird, the Dames are playing a birthday show for bassist Kyle Butcher and guitarist Ceizy. Also on the bill: Pinky Tuscadero's White Knuckle Ass Fuck, Know Plan B, and HOWITZER. For your listening pleasure, a Dames song...

"Take a Number":